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This is our #1 asked question. There is a ten-mile stretch of Hana road past Kipahulu that is gravel and crumbling pavement. Rental car companies would rather you not drive though here, though cars drive through here, but if anything happens to you or your car, cellular coverage is spotty and there are no telephones out here to phone for help.

This road continues beyond Kipahulu, past Kaupo, and out to 'Ulupalakua, then Kula, and out to the Haleakala Highway, where you drive down to Kahului where you started.



From Kahului to Hana and back to Kahului, the Hana Road drive can be made in about five hours. This would be minimum time, includes a few stops along the way. But most people take longer--sometimes much longer--when they discover all the things to see and do along this scenic drive.

The complete drive from Kahului to the end at Haleakala National Park at Kipahulu is about an eight-hour day. But, again, you'll probably take longer, depending on how much walking or hiking you do, and how much adventure you're in to. And the more people in your car, the longer it can take, especially with our Hana CD Guide.  The drive from Hana back to Kahului, without stopping, is about an hour and 40 minutes.


Once you pass the north shore town of Paia, you have left the conveniences of modern life. But you will find restrooms along the Hana Highway.

Kaumahina State Wayside Park is your first stop along the Hana Highway for restrooms. And they are the nicest you’ll find all day. About another five miles down the Hana Highway is Ke’anae, with three opportunities for restrooms: There’s a roadside stand on the right side of the road with a porta-potty. Before that, the turnoff down to Ke’anae Peninsula has another roadside stand with the same arrangements. And at the end of the peninsula road are cinder-block restrooms.

About 6 miles further along the Hana Highway is Pua’a Ka’a Wayside Park, with restrooms. After that, you’ll have to wait until Hana. You’ll find restrooms at Hana Bay and the Hana Ranch Center on the right side as you get to the end of town.

After Hana, the next facilities are at the Haleakala National Park at Kipahulu. They are at the parking lot when you enter. And past here, there is nothing!


The most convenient and complete place to pick up all your food and drink is at the PicnicStop store in Kahului on Route 380 (370 Dairy Road, Kahului, 96732). They even offer a cooler filled with ice with a refundable $5 deposit, and you can keep the cooler for your whole vacation. They're located at a Shell Service Station so you can fill up with needed gas.

Pai'a has a few places to pick up lunches, but parking is always a problem in Pai'a, so most people find themselves having to use the parking lot at the biginning of town.

Hana has a few places to get lunch. There's even Travaasa Hana, a world-class resort. Hana is so small that you'll be able to drive around a check out food stops. You can even get hot dogs at Hana Bay.

Hana Road restroom
Hana backside road

The "backside" of Haleakala has mostly gravel roads, and some of them are right next to the ocean.

There are restrooms to be found along the Hana Road drive, most of them are in good shape.

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Hana Road Waterfall
Hamoa Bay on Hana drive
Black Sand Beach of Hana
Torch Ginger flower

Hana FAQ's: driving "all the way around" to places to eat and restrooms